The Pastors kid's Family


The PK Family...

is a unique solution based support network for teenagers to adults whose parents are specifically in Pastoral ministry of any denominational church.

It aims to provide a safe supportive environment for Pastor’s children to be able to connect with each other, share, receive peer and professional help and support in a safe and confidential environment.

Slogan: “You know my name but not my story”, “PK’s, we have needs too!”



  • Meet the various needs and challenges of PK’s
  • Be relevant to PK’s
  • To consociate PK’s
  • Provide a confidential support network for PK’s
  • Challenge the various perceptions regarding PK’s
  • Connect with other groups and organisations that support the aims and ethos of The PK Family
  • Liaise with Pastors to raise awareness, gain support and establish working relationships.



To initially consolidate and agree the core team, agree the terms of reference, establish a small support group for a minimum of six months, have an official launch thereafter, publicise services and widen outreach after launch, run workshops and other public forums to raise awareness about issues to the wider



 Reach out to PK’s and do local research of struggles and successes

  1. Allocate one definite meeting place for bi-monthly meetings
  2. Connect with successful, established PK’s in ministry and career to share
  3. Having very open and real verbal sessions dealing with the battle of “others” views versus Biblical fact
  4. Source approved professional services to be available as necessary.