“Success is measured not by the position you have reached,

but by the obstacles you have overcome”

Booker T Washington


4W2W was founded by Rev Dr Lurliene Miller.

Since it’s inception 4W2W has offered women the chance to develop and enhance their skills to serve others and make a difference in our world.

In reaching out to others, women who become part of our ministry find ways they can be used by God and be a blessing to others.

Our Aim
To reach out to our communities to support women who are facing challenging situations for which they need help or assistance. Read more...>

We Achieve Through Our Actions

SUPPORT - WIW (Women Inspiring Women), MIM (Men Inspiring Men), It’s a Date! Also counselling and mediation services.

CELEBRATION - Annual day celebrating women’s gifts and talents (COGT) and special events to celebrate women

OUTREACH -  Local and international projects to build and unite communities.
Promotion & Development initiatives and activities.

EDUCATION - A commitment to research and present relevant findings to raise awareness and pursue solutions.


4W2W continually seeks ways to identify and address the issues that affect women.

4W2W is UK based and active in : TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, SOUTH AFRICA and JAMAICA. For info contact us at:  fourw2w_intl@hotmail.com



To donate, please visit: www.goodtogive.co.uk/sozoevents

Main Areas of Focus

SUPPORT - Providing activities and services which enable women to pursue their goals

CELEBRATE - Highlighting achievements, facilitating networking and links, promoting individuals
OUTREACH - to help build and establish independence and sustainability through financial support, fundraising and providing leadership and guidance in communities.

PROMOTION & DEVELOPMENT - to sustain the work of 4W2W by seeking opportunities for sharing partnerships, advocacy and campaigning.

EDUCATION - We share information and knowledge. We inform and empower people for action. We package relevant information for participants.


We Respond through three main events each year and a bi-annual conference.


2015 / 2016 Orphans project; help us